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Christine Fitzgerald Obtains $1 Million Pre-Litigation Settlement of Wrongful Death Claim (March 2017)
Christine Fitzgerald
obtained a settlement for the full policy limits of available insurance, without having to file suit, on behalf of an 18-year-old woman who died after collapsing at a martial arts facility that was not equipped with an automatic external defibrillator.

Christine Fitzgerald Wins Jury Verdict for Innocent Bystander Injured During Police Response to 911 Call (February 2017)
After a five-day jury trial, Christine Fitzgerald won a verdict against the City of Boston in excess of the plantiff's requested damages on behalf of an innocent bystander who suffered a gunshot injury during a police response to a domestic disturbance call.

Multi-Million Dollar Sale of Business (July 2016)
Belcher Fitzgerald advised second-generation family owners in the sale of their retail business and related real estate. David Belcher negotiated, documented and closed the multi-million dollar transaction requiring local regulatory approval over four months. Seller financing was secured by mortgage interests in a number of different properties owned by buyer’s principals

Rare Dismissal Under FINRA Rule 12504 (January 2016)
David Belcher secured a dismissal of all claims against our brokerage firm client in an arbitration before FINRA. The claimant had alleged that our client was liable for its predecessor’s conduct and that our client failed to respond adequately to inquiries by the personal representative of a customer’s estate concerning annuity beneficiary designations. The renewed motion to dismiss was allowed under FINRA Rule 12504 following the outright denial, or denial in large part, of eight different motions filed by claimant against our client. A dismissal by motion prior to a FINRA evidentiary hearing is extraordinary and, particularly under the circumstances, it saved our client tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of employee time in defending against the claims at a hearing.

Belcher Fitzgerald Wins Jury Verdict for Defamed Business
(December 2015)
Christine Fitzgerald recently scored a victory on behalf of our client, a retail merchandising company, in an action against a former employee for tortious interference, defamation, and conversion. After ceasing employment the defendant maliciously attempted to harm our client by mailing letters to more than 50 officers and affiliated retailers of its largest customer, falsely alleging that our client and its owner were under criminal investigation by various federal and state regulators. The defendant also sent an anonymous letter to the Rhode Island Division of Taxation falsely accusing the company of engaging in payroll tax fraud, which triggered a meritless tax audit. After a two day trial the jury awarded our client lost profit damages of $80,000. In addition, Christine secured an award of attorneys’ fees against the former employee.

Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Claim Brought by Male Employee Dismissed (December 2015)
Plaintiff initially filed his charge against the firm's client with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination alleging he was wrongfully discharged for making an internal complaint of sexual harassment against a senior employee’s son. Plaintiff removed the case to Superior Court and added a claim that he was attacked by the senior employee and his son in a separate incident as well. David Belcher deposed the plaintiff soon after answering the complaint and used the plaintiff's testimony to support a successful summary judgment motion before plaintiff could conduct any discovery, saving our client thousands of dollars and untold distraction by its employees in continuing to defend against the claims.

Lack of Probable Cause Found for Age Discrimination Claim (September 2015)
The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination dismissed claims against our client under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 and Mass. Gen. L. c. 151B §4 ¶1B after finding that the evidence did not support complainant’s allegations. Complainant was a 52-year old woman who alleged she was fired after ten years of employment and replaced with younger employees who were paid lower wages. David Belcher submitted a comprehensive Position Statement to the MCAD and efficiently secured the lack of probable cause finding without an investigative conference, potentially saving the client thousands of dollars.

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