Alternative Fee Solutions    
Client service is the number one priority at Belcher Fitzgerald LLP. As a focus of our service, we consistently strive to add value for our clients, whatever their particular legal needs.

We recognize that a fair fee is one which provides a value commensurate with the money spent. Moreover, we understand our clients' desire for predictability of legal costs. There may be times when hourly billing does not accurately reflect the value of the service or readily permit cost predictability. Some argue that hourly billing provides the wrong incentives - putting emphasis on process and mechanics rather than results.

In fact, many attorneys cite the "billable hour" as the thing they dislike most about the practice of law. Therefore, we offer alternative fee solutions to the billable hour which are intended to better suit a given client's need and enhance the value we provide.

Many clients resist deviation from hourly billing out of custom. The long-standing tradition of the billable hour is difficult to break. Nonetheless, we will not hesitate to break convention where appropriate.

No fee arrangement is appropriate for every situation. In addition to hourly billing, most clients and prospects are aware of the standard fixed fee and contingent fee approaches. From these three main forms, there are numerous permutations. We invite you to consider the alternatives and ask us for further information specific to your needs.



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